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Take a Break from Theme Parks with an Escape Room



Take a Break from Theme Parks with an Escape Room

Ever since escape rooms launched, everyone from kids to adults has loved them. There is no other place where you get to crack secret puzzles, battle zombies, test your math skills, avoid laser beams, etc., all in a single day. There is something about following clues, working with your team, and solving mysteries that excites everyone.

The use of logic, teamwork, quick thinking, problem-solving, etc. teaches several things to the

participants, as compared to the usual theme parks. Further, we’ll explore the benefits of escape rooms in Orlando, FL, and see why escape rooms make for a great activity when taking a break from the theme parks.

Benefits of Escape Rooms As Compared to a Theme Park

A theme park is like a huge playground filled with different games, shows, rides, and many other things for kids to enjoy. On the other hand, in escape rooms, you and your teammates are trapped in an indoor space and have to find your way out.

You have to work like a spy or detective on a mission so that you can solve the mysteries or puzzles and escape the room. It’s a fresh, exciting concept with plenty of benefits for people.

Relief From Extreme Heat or Rainfall

Theme parks are set up in large outdoor areas, exposing you to direct sunlight and heat especially if you visit during the summer season. Your enjoyment and fun levels will be compromised if you are continuously sweating due to the excessive heat.

Moreover, if it starts raining, then you won’t be able to enjoy the rides, and your mood will be ruined. Escape rooms are indoor and you don’t need to worry about sunlight, rainfall, and other extreme weather conditions. You can have a delightful time with your close ones no matter the weather.

Avoid Crowds & Long Queues

Most of the time, theme parks are overcrowded and you have to take rides and play games with

strangers. You likely have to stand in long queues to buy tickets for rides and then wait for your turn to come. Even after waiting for so long, you just get to go on a short ride.

When it comes to escape rooms in Orlando, FL, you don’t have to wait hours for your turn, and you can team up with your friends and family members, instead of strangers, in a completely private escape room.

Foster the Spirit of Teamwork

In theme parks, you usually just take your position in a ride, and it works automatically. Even the games and prizes are almost similar every time. However, every challenge in an escape room is unique, and you have to interact and work with your team in the right way to proceed.

You have to share hints and clues with your team, ask each other for help, and work according to a game plan to crack your escape room. It fosters the spirit of collaboration and teamwork.

Enhance Problem-Solving & Quick-Thinking

You never know what types of puzzles and mysteries are awaiting you in an escape room. It’s possible that you are trapped in a jungle with wild animals, need to make your way through a laser obstacle course, solve math riddles and questions, etc. to proceed further. You have to pay attention to the smallest of details and hints to solve the puzzles.

Escape rooms in Orlando, FL will help improve your logic, presence of mind, teamwork, and quick thinking. You have to discuss everything with your team and come up with the right strategy to solve the mystery and puzzles. Theme parks aren’t this unique and challenging for you as they usually feature the same old rides like bumping cars, merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, Columbus ride, etc.

Feature Several Unexpected Surprises & Thrills

You never know what’s going to happen next when you are in an escape room and you have to stay on your toes. It’s literally like an action or thriller movie with twists and turns at every stage.

One moment, you may feel like you have cracked the puzzle, but suddenly you can be surprised by something new and tricky. It can get mysterious and even spooky at times, but escape rooms always have an unexpected and thrilling factor to them, something theme parks can’t offer you.


Theme parks are fun and there are many options when visiting Orlando. Why not complement your visit and take a break at an immersive escape room? You should definitely consider taking on the challenge of escape rooms for something new, challenging, and super exciting. As compared to generic theme parks, you get a chance to team up with your close ones and take on the challenge of solving tricky puzzles and mysteries.

It’s a thrilling activity that strengthens collaboration and problem-solving skills so that you turn out victorious. Being indoors, you don’t have to worry about the weather when planning to visit an escape room with your family and friends. Right from teens and school kids to young adults and working professionals, everyone should try escape rooms, and they’ll surely love the experience.

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