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7 Best Tactics to Get More Positive Google Reviews



In today’s digital landscape, Google reviews are extremely paramount, and they influence customer decision-making in several ways. When a customer truly wants to make a purchase, they compare similar services in their area. If a brand gets high and positive reviews, naturally, they prefer that service. 

That’s why many marketers and brands buy 5 star google reviews to expand their reach and get more potential customers. Importantly, businesses are looking in every way possible to increase Google reviews. After all, who wants to miss out on a goldmine opportunity to garner a new chain of clients? 

Without any delay, let’s have a look at the seven best tactics to get more positive Google reviews. 

01 Add Link To The Website 

The best tactic to get more positive Google reviews is to add the Google review link to the website. Also, the perfect place to ask for reviews is your website. In particular, when you use website pop-ups, they immediately snag the audience’s attention and entice them to write a review. To be precise, highlighting the positive feedback facilitates positive feedback writing. Remember that you should furnish a clear-cut message that is easy and engaging to comprehend when writing a review. 

02 Ask For It

Yes, you heard it right! Asking for a review from a client is the absolute right thing to do. You can ask for feedback after a discussion, through a phone call, or in person. Alternatively, you can solicit a review once you have completed the service and sale. Additionally, you can attach the link to the bill or receipt. It naturally entices the customers to leave a positive review. On the flip side, don’t urge and rush the clients to share feedback, as it may irritate the customers.

03 Show How To Leave A Review 

Amidst the comings and goings, many don’t have time to search and write reviews. Showing the clients how to draft a review for your business makes it accessible. Hence, the major key lies in easing the process! The more effort you take to simplify, the more it eliminates the confusion, queries, and difficulties. Show the users how to leave a review in written, audio, or video format.  

04 Use QR Code 

In today’s day and age, smartphones are inevitable. Using a QR code to ask for a review is a clever call! Print the review QR code and stick it in the client’s point of contact. Additionally, send the QR code in your product or service delivery. Doing so effectively facilitates feedback writing. Notably, your client doesn’t need any special effort to write a Google feedback. The simple step to be taken is to scan the QR and leave a review! 

05 Handle Negative Reviews With Care  

Undoubtedly, no business gets 100% favorable reviews. If a user comes across a negative review, they go through how the business addressed it. So, you have to be exceedingly cautious when responding to such reviews. Just don’t reply for the sake and paste system-generated replies. All you have to do is tap into your audience’s issue and grant them a real solution. Most crucially, be professional and use a cordial tone. Also, you can buy google 5 star reviews to overpower the negative reviews. 

06 Offer The Best Service

As simple as that! If you follow other tips and fail to furnish the best service or product, it makes no sense! If nobody is satisfied with your service, no one wishes to leave a review. Therefore, make sure your product and service are excellent and worthwhile to review. The quality of your service should stimulate the audience to draft a positive review willingly. Significantly, offer personalized service or customize a product to your client that fosters long-lasting relationships and reaps more positive reviews.  

07 Try SMS Strategy 

Soliciting reviews through sending messages is the most streamlined and effective way to increase your Google reviews. Sending a post-sale text to your clients encourages them to leave feedback. When done correctly, it entices them to share their experience in a positive manner. Since SMS are sent in bulk, you can reach more customers in one shot, which results in getting more reviews. So, don’t forget to send your client an SMS after a sale or service!

The Final Words  

So, there you go! These are the best tactics to get more positive Google reviews for your business. Now, all you need to do is stick to the tactics consistently to get the most out of your efforts! Because consistency is the key, right? Hence, stay persistent on your approach until you achieve the intended goals! What are you waiting for? Step on it & skyrocket your Google reviews! To recap, 

  • Add Link To The Website
  • Ask For It
  • Show How To Leave A Review
  • Use QR Code
  • Handle Negative Reviews With Care¬†
  • Offer The Best Service
  • Try SMS Strategy

Best of luck:-)

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