Choosing the Right Braided Wig for Your Face Shape: A Complete Guide



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Choosing the Right Braided Wig for Your Face Shape

Have you ever wished you could wear braids that turn heads without having to spend hours styling your hair? Braided wigs are the best answer because they let you change your look right away with a wide range of beautiful, complicated styles. But did you know that picking the right braided wig isn’t just about how it looks? You can make a look that really brings out your natural beauty and improves your features by choosing a style that goes well with your face shape.

This guide will explore the world of braided wigs and show you how to choose a wig that fits your face shape. We’ll talk about the different types of faces, give you detailed advice on how to pick a braided wig that brings out your best features, and show you a beautiful example of how the right wig can completely change your look.

Understanding Face Shapes 

Braided Wig Styles for Every Face Shape

So, now that you know what shape your face is, let’s look into braided wigs and find styles that look good on you!

Oval face

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, good for you! You have the widest range of options for braided styles. The length of an oval face is slightly longer than its width, which makes it well-balanced. Because of this, oval faces can look great with almost any braid.

Bring out your inner braiding queen! There are a lot of different braided styles you can try, from complicated cornrows with geometric patterns to big goddess braids for a dramatic look. Try out different braid sizes, textures, and places without being shy. For a unique and stylish look, try styling your hair in the middle, on the sides, or even in braids.

Round Face

For round faces, the key to a braided wig that looks good is making it look like the hair is longer and more defined. Look for styles that make the top of your head look fuller. You can go with a high bun braid, a braided ponytail with extra thickness added by hair extensions, or a braided updo that is placed high on the head. These styles make your face look longer and draw the eye upwards.

Smooth, long braids like the “Luvme Black Left Side Braids Straight 13×4 Frontal HD Lace Long Wig” are also great for people with round faces. The flowing length makes the body look slimmer by adding a vertical dimension. Additionally, think about hairstyles with deep side parts; they can help make you look longer and more balanced.

Square Face

A square face has a strong chin that can look sharp at times. To make these features look less harsh and more balanced, choose braided wigs with braids that fall down or curls that frame the face. Senegalese twist styles with soft waves at the ends are great because they make the face look more feminine and smooth out a chin that is too sharp.

It’s also possible for wigs with a center part to look good on square faces. The part in the middle draws the eye up and makes the whole thing look better balanced. Styles with sharp edges or braids that are pulled too tight around the face can make the chin look more angular and make the face look harsher.

Heart Face

People with heart-shaped faces have a bigger forehead that gets narrower as it goes down to a more pointed chin. To make your braided wig look good, choose styles that give the lower half of your face more volume and smooth out your wider forehead.

You could get braided styles with big box braids at the bottom. Look for wigs with braids that get thicker around the chin. This will give the wig more weight and make your face look more balanced. You can also get this look with braided ponytails, where the braids get stronger toward the ends. This will make your lower face look fuller.

If your forehead is already pretty wide, avoid styles that add too much thickness to the top of your head. Choose types with braids that focus on the bottom half of your face for a more balanced and well-put-together look.

Diamond Face

When you have a diamond face, your beautiful cheeks stand out while your forehead and chin look smaller. This look can be achieved beautifully with braided wigs that have smooth layers all over the wig. These types make the jawline wider, which balances out features that aren’t as wide.

For a stylish and striking look, think about braided bobs with textured layers. This look can also be achieved with Senegalese twist styles that have slight layers all over. If your forehead and chin are already narrow, don’t wear your hair in styles where the knots are pulled back tight from your face. Choose styles with braids that fall around your cheeks. This will make your face look wider and more balanced.

Oblong Face

Your goal is to make your face look shorter and wider if you have an oval face shape. Choose braided wigs that have braids that add volume to the cheeks. Styles that are shoulder-length and braided with big waves or fullness around the sides are great options. These styles make the face look wider and smooth out features that are too long.

Think about styles like box braids with big curls at the ends of braids with big twists that frame the face. Styles that are too long and straight can make your face look even longer and throw off your balance. To look better and more balanced, choose styles with braids that add width and fullness around the cheeks.

Spotlight on the Luvme Black Left Side Braids Straight 13×4 Frontal HD Lace Long Wig

Let’s examine a specific example of how choosing the proper braided wig for your face shape may be powerful. The Luvme Black Right Side Braids Straight 13×4 Frontal HD Lace Long Wig is gorgeous and flatters round faces. This stunning human hair wig has straight braids that fall down the back, starting with an elegant right-side braid. The 13×4 frontal lace construction offers a natural hairline that blends with your skin. This long wig gives vertical depth, which flatters round faces. The result? A confident, stylish, perfectly elongated, and balanced look.


With a little knowledge about face shapes and the vast array of braided wigs available, you can unlock a world of hairstyling possibilities. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect braided human hair wig that not only complements your face shape but also reflects your unique personality. Whether you’re seeking a bold and dramatic look, a touch of timeless elegance, or a style that adds softness and femininity, there’s a perfect braided wig waiting for you.

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