How to End Your Financial Struggle and Do Well in Bad Economy

Unshakeable – Your Financial Freedom PlayBook

Financial markets and industry are a lot of time too overcomplicated and there are also some huge legal scams being involved. It’s always about how much you know, the real knowledge of financial markets, whether it’s stock investing or anything else.

Probably the biggest point out in the book is in the financial advisory firms, where most of them are not legally required to put your interests first. Learn everything in this short Unshakeable playbook and you won’t struggle financially in the future again.

Highly recommend to watch this first video interview from September 2017 with Tony Robbins, the High Performance coach, author, and investor, and Ray Dalio the chairman of Bridgewater Associates which is the 5th most important private owned company in the United States.

It’s the interview and quick overview of the New book written by Ray Dalio himself called, Principles: Life and Work, published on 19th of September 2017. The book focuses on the main principles of success.

This is quick summary of the Tony Robbins’s new bestseller, Unshakeable – Your Financial Freedom Playbook, published in February of 2017. (Co-author of the book Peter Mallouk)

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