Cord Blood Registry and Cord Blood Banking Costs

Things to Keep in Mind While Considering Cord Blood Banking Costs

Do you know that cord blood banking can be a major decision for your newborn baby? Here you will know why you should consider your baby’s cord banking. It is not necessary that your baby will surely require it in future. However, cord blood registry is done for a safe and secure future for the new member of your family. It could be a life-saving option for your baby. The cord blood consists of several powerful sources of stem cells. It can be used to fight back and recover more than 100 dangerous diseases and disarrays. The stem cells have an immense ability to reconstruct the immune system after chemotherapy. Also, as an alternative, it can be used to transplant bone marrow.

Further Researches on Cord Blood

Nowadays, autism, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other dangerous diseases are also treated using stem cells in clinical trials. Under the favorable conditions, the stem cells can mutate themselves and can be altered into another type of cell in a human body. So, the cord blood registry is highly recommended by the experts for an insured life.

Alternative of own cord blood                                               

Maybe it’s not a fully dependable solution. Suppose your baby is having leukemia, for example, his own cord blood won’t work as a healing agent. It is because you are using the same stem cells in the immune system which will again lead to developing leukemia. In this case, the transplant can be done from a sibling or from an identical donor. For a mixed race patient or particularly for minority, searching bone marrow transplant donor can be a bit more cumbersome. However, a perfect match is not essential while using cord blood, so, it becomes much more convenient.

A single unit of cord blood might not be enough

Presently, the number of stem cells consisting of one unit of cord blood can only treat a child up to the age of 10. Beyond the age of 10, it might not be enough to heal diseases using one unit of cord blood. In that case, a new technology has been developed by the Americord Registry that can collect up to 15 times more stem cells. The process involves multiplication of stem cells in a rapid course. So, it can be helpful to do the transplant for either a child or an adult. So you can always rely on cord blood registry and plan to bank for the new member of your family at the earliest.

Cord Blood Banking Rentals and Processing Costs

Cord Blood Banking Costs should be kept in mind while considering cord blood bank or not. Most banks charge initial processing fees of about $1500 to $2000, that covers storage rent for the first year, processing and collection. And the annual storage rentals vary from $150- $200 respectively. So, you must plan with your family at an earlier stage and decide according to your convenience, whether you should initiate for the cord blood registry or not. If you are planning for cord blood banking, be prepared with cash aside exclusively for it.

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